How Does Medical Marijuana in Florida Help Cancer Patients?

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida for a growing list of ailments; and as of January 3, 2017, cancer is one of them. There is plenty of evidence that cancer patients benefit from medical marijuana in Florida. It has been tough to overcome negative stigmas associated with the plant, which is unfortunate. Cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a person or a family, and there are various ways marijuana has proven to be of significant help to cancer patients. Scientific research over the past 30 years shows that cannabis clearly has anti-cancer properties. Patients themselves provide the most conclusive proof that medical marijuana helps people with cancer.

Scientific evidence that marijuana is an effective treatment for cancer

There’s no denying that medical research on the benefits of marijuana is decades behind where it should be. Most studies are designed to highlight negatives about this plant, in spite of the evidence that it is packed with healing qualities. The following is some information from scientific research showing that marijuana helps cancer patients:

  • Cancer is a disease defined as being caused by abnormal cells dividing uncontrollably in a part of the body. The anti-cancer properties in marijuana have been proven to kill those rogue cancer cells. When there is no intervention, cancer cells continue growing and dividing. Compounds in marijuana slow the growth of lung, prostate, and breast cancers and more.
  • One of the terrifying aspects of cancer is that it can migrate from one body part to another, a process called “metastasis”. Research indicates that marijuana prevents the spread of cancer cells and stops them from attaching themselves to healthy tissues in different areas of the body.
  • Cancerous tumors develop new blood vessels by stealing oxygen and nutrients from healthy body parts. Compounds contained in cannabis have been successful in stopping the harmful development of new blood vessels.
  • Components in cannabis cause cancer cells to self-destruct, which is a phenomenon known as “apoptosis.” Medical marijuana treatments have been proven in laboratory studies to reduce the number of tumor and cancer cells.

What cancer patients say about medical marijuana

The truly great news about treatment of cancer with medical marijuana is that it is effective in many more ways than those listed here. In addition to all sorts of scientific evidence proving that cannabis is beneficial, the following are some of the ways that cancer patients themselves can attest to the difference marijuana can make as they deal with the disease. The following are among the common experiences cancer patients have with medical marijuana treatments:

  • When cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy, it is normal for them to experience nausea and vomiting. These debilitating effects can be reduced with marijuana treatments. The plant contains THC and a cannabinoid called CBD or Cannabinol. These are the compounds that effectively reduce the nausea.
  • THC and CBD also provide relief for both acute and chronic pain. This can be essential, since chemotherapy is so painful for some patients that they succumb to the pain.
  • Sleep problems are a common side effect of cancer treatments. Marijuana helps cancer patients sleep better. The CBD in marijuana, when taken in low quantities, also helps to reduce fatigue and boost the mood of cancer patients.

Have you gone through the process of qualifying for medical marijuana in Florida?

If you live in Florida and have been diagnosed with cancer, medical marijuana is an option for you. There are certain requirements, to gain access. Dr. Edwin W. Maldonado’s website can provide all the information you need. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Maldonado and begin the process of qualifying for medical marijuana in the treatment of cancer, call (561) 578-4582 today. Cannbis+ MD has convenient locations in JupiterWellingtonDelray Beach and Margate to serve you.