Is it Safe for People with Heart Stents to Use Medical Marijuana?

A heart stent is a small mesh tube, and it is used as an effective treatment for narrow or weak arteries plus other conditions. Medical marijuana is another proven treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Is it safe, however, to use medical marijuana if you have a heart stent? The answer may not be easy to arrive at, since research on the effects of medical marijuana is limited, by most standards. It is known, however, that marijuana is an effective treatment for various symptoms of heart disease.

What Precautions are Given to Stent Patients?

A heart stent, in addition to above-mentioned conditions, can also help to prevent arteries from bursting and improve blood flow. Stents are typically made of metal mesh. Fabric stents or stent grafts are used for procedures on larger arteries. There are also drug-eluting stents, which slowly and continuously release medicine into the artery, to prevent blockage from recurring.

Heart disease is not cured with stents, although the devices have life-saving qualities. Patients are usually advised that they can care for their stent with heart-healthy habits, including the following:

  • Reduce stress
  • Don’t smoke
  • Engage in increased physical active
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Take prescribed medications
  • Eat a healthy diet

How Does Marijuana Affect the Heart?

Some studies with a small sample size have suggested that smoking marijuana could cause heart damage, but non-smoking methods were not included in the study. None of the methods for taking medical marijuana in Florida and other states involve smoking it, anyway. Some research suggests that one of the major cannabinoids, THC, can increase your heart rate. Not all marijuana increases the risk of heart disease, however, since there are many different strains. Taking medical marijuana that has low THC could possibly be sound medical advice for someone with heart disease, including someone who has a heart stent. Heart patients should always follow the advice of their doctors.

The benefits that a heart patient could derive from medical marijuana include the following:

Reduced stress:   Stress is often a contributing factor when people develop heart disease, and it can worsen the condition. Indica strains of medical marijuana are those with high levels of cannabidiol or CBD. This type of medical cannabis can have a calming effect that reduces a patient’s stress levels.

Increased Energy: Sativa strains of medical marijuana provide an energy boost, which can give heart patients needed motivation to exercise.

Decreased Depression: Many different strains of medical marijuana are effective at helping to reduce symptoms of depression. Untreated depression increases the risk of heart disease.

Heart Disease Symptoms Medical Cannabis can Treat

There are different types of heart disease, and symptoms of the disease vary depending on the type you have. Many symptoms of heart disease are shared by all the various types and can be relieved using medical cannabis, including the following:

  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Pain in the extremities or chest

Where to Access Medical Cannabis

Heart patients should consult their physician with regard to using medical cannabis. In Florida, it’s necessary to see a doctor certified to recommend marijuana treatments, to legally access medical marijuana. The offices of Dr. Edwin W. Maldonado use advanced modalities for medical cannabis treatments. Feel free to contact his offices, Cannabis+ MD, at 561-578-4582.